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What’s a good used car to buy?
We are often asked, “What is a good used car?” Finally someone has done a study and shared the results with us. Steven Lang from Motoramic (Yahoo Autos) did a yearlong study of 300,000 used cars sold at auction and has come up with results that might help us avoid a bad choice in our next purchase.

We hear a lot about the J.D. Powers and Consumer Reports rating of cars and while that is good information it applies primarily to only the first year of so of service for any particular car. There has been no dependable research done on what happens to that highly rated new car when it has 100,000 miles on it.

Lang points out that many models have serious engine or transmission problems once the odometer reaches 6 digits. Modern engines are very expensive to repair or replace and transmission overhauls can cost $3000 or more. When buying a used car we don’t want to set ourselves up for thousands of dollars of additional expense by picking the wrong model.

Our shop services a lot of cars, many of them more than 10 years old. We can attest to at least some of the cars on this list as being potential serious problems for their owners. The best way to help prevent buying a bad used car is to have a pre-purchase inspection performed before you make the deal.
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For more on this study and to see all the results of not only cars to avoid but some that are a better choice go to just click here to see the Yahoo article.

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