By John Miller

The Houston Auto Show

January 21 – 25 at NRG Center

If you are an auto enthusiast or think you may be looking to buy a car in the coming year the Houston Auto Show is definitely a must for you. It is the once a year chance to look at almost every manufacturer’s offerings in America.

As you enter NRG Center the main hallway is lined with classic cars, hot rods and art cars. These are an appetizer for the real show in the exhibit hall. Wear comfortable shoes and get the map offered as you set out to explore hundreds of 2015 and 2016 cars, trucks and SUV’s from around the world.

A favorite of That Car Lady and the Auto Mojo Trio

The common themes this year are a focus on packing in accessories, gizmos and gadgets for connectivity, comfort and driving control. Many of the offers include built in Wi-Fi hotspots and the ability to connect with your car over the internet to start, pre-condition for driving or locate a misplaced ride.

Driver alerts abound. Everything from lane monitoring and correction, cross traffic warnings and blind sport monitors to full on braking to avoid collisions is available and often standard on many models.

Manufacturers say the higher trim models sell better and they are offering full on luxury trim packages on even entry level choices.

Passive cruise control, steering correction, automatic braking, dynamic stability controls coupled with terrain sensing all-wheel drive systems that will drive on ice or snow, automatic parking and UN-parking assist and collision avoidance are reducing the skills needed to drive safely and should reduce accidents and injuries.

Of course many of us love to drive, and for that every maker has offered a performance package. From Fiat’s Abrath and Mazda’s MX-5

Fun to drive Miata
Fun to drive Miata

zippy sports cars to

Cadillac’s CTS-V 640 horsepower 200 MPH luxury sedan,

A family sedan for the mid-life crisis
A family sedan for the mid-life crisis

there is something for every budget and lifestyle.

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