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Are you interested in improving gas mileage and reducing the chances of an accident? UPS, one of the world’s largest fleet operators has a unique take on how to do it. Turn right!

Think of how often each day you wait in the left hand turn lane for traffic to clear with your engine idling and time wasting. If you could eliminate a large part of those left turns imagine the time and frustration you could avoid. UPS has found it very successful. They saved an average of 31 gallons of gas per vehicle; not a whole lot until you multiply it by the 95,000 cars, truck and motorcycles they have on the road.

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Texas Laws – Cell Phones & Seat Belts
Cell Phones
As of September 1, 2013 it is illegal to use a cell phone ANY PLACE on school property during school zone hours. The exception is if you are stopped or using a hands free device. This prohibition includes any cell phone use; calls, texting or game playing.
Of course it is still illegal for any driver under 18 or with a learners permit to use a cell phone at any time while driving.
Seat Belts
Every person in the vehicle needs to be wearing a seat belt. Of course we all know the driver can be ticketed for up to $250 for not having their belt on, but did you know that if a passenger under 17 is unbelted the driver can be fined up to $200, and if that passenger is over 17 they get the ticket. Adult passengers each get their own ticket if stopped.

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