2014 – The Year of the Car

America’s love affair with vehicles is reported to have peaked fifty years ago during the 1960’s as baby boomers began driving, the US interstate highway system was expanded, and rock and roll both popularized and gave personality to many cars. While our attachment has certainly changed, one only needs visit a classic car show, see a young driver purchase their first new car, or meet a gathering of millennials with modified rice-burners in a grocery parking lot to recognize that Americans still embrace their vehicles. Welcome 2014 – The Year of the Car!

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Upgrading your older car
old car new accessories
Enjoying Your Older Car

The average age of a vehicle on American roads is constantly on the rise. Vehicles rarely break down and cost more to replace… so we are driving them longer than ever before. It is not surprising to see vehicles over 10 years old that are still safe and dependable to drive.

This brings about an entirely unexpected problem. Our cars are lasting longer than we want them to. Of course I am kidding, but our excuses to purchase a vehicle with new car luster and all of the electronic gizmos that our hearts desire run weak when our “old” car still runs so well. Whether you have been driving her for a while or considering the purchase of a decade old gem the solution is fairly simple – bring ole’ Betsy up to snuff with a few simple upgrades.

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Car Review – The 2013 Lexus IS350C

With Texas weather dropping to a freezing point on many nights, it was my good fortune to drive the 2013 Lexus IS350C during the few days that the temperature spiraled back up to t-shirt and short weather this month. Black from nose to, well…it’s chopped off rear end, this sporty hard top convertible was a sophisticated blast tooling through Houston’s moon lit streets.

Even with their tops up convertibles have always required a tolerance of excess noise. The whir and hum of road noise has always separated drivers who are truly committed to having the wind in their hair from those smart enough to drive hard tops. Not anymore!

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