Car driving through flood water after a hurricane

Hurricane season! Is your vehicle ready?

When we are simply driving around town, commuting to work, or taking the kids to soccer practice it becomes easy to overlook some of the maintenance items on our vehicles. However, it is when we start to travel  or need to evacuate for a hurricane that we have a heightened concern for simple items like windshield wipers and good tires.

Even with a perfectly maintained vehicle there are a few things you may want to get ready for hurricane season. Having a bag of important items ready to roll takes some of the stress out of hurricane season.

hurricane season ahead sign

Where can I learn more about getting ready for a hurricane?

That Car Lady, Lynn Beckwith, has some pointers…just click HERE. 

What if I have questions?

Of course, you can always call the shop with any questions, we are happy to help. 281-540-2000

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