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We run through our comfortably festooned lives proud of the self-determination we exhibit with trivial quests such as air conditioned road trips or solo camp outs. Yes, the solo camping was in an organized park and my tent was within hollern’ distance of the Ranger…but damn those crickets sounded scary.

I’ll argue that the average American woman, with our ostentatious pride and illusion of independence, pales in comparison to my expat friend Mary and her determination to build not only her own house, but a life on a small island in the Carribean.

She approaches each challenge island life presents with a quiet determination (at least the power tools usually drown out her expletives). With every completed project, I am in awe of both her intelligence and determination. She is humorous and blunt, never afraid to tell me when I’m wrong – she will tell you too, all the while challenging you to be better…stronger…informed, and most importantly more determined.

Follow her journey as she builds and rebuilds her island home – YES, with her own two hands. If there is a household project you are considering you will likely find a unique, detailed and proper procedure here. Recently, she showed off her mechanical prowess making a carburetor rebuild look like child’s play.

High Carb Diet – by Mary Corbley

My island budget is heavily dependent on my beloved Yamaha YBR 125 motorcycle. Gasoline is $5 a gallon here so riding this petrol-sipping baby saves me a small fortune while keeping me out in the fresh island air….
I had removed my battery whilst waiting for a new one to arrive on the mailboat (along with a new rear tire) but merely unscrewing the black ground and cable tying it temporarily out of the way would suffice. Next, be certain, be doubly certain, that the fuel petcock is in the OFF position. If you don’t know what this is, sell the bike….
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Mary is personally finishing the construction of a 2 story cottage in the Out Islands of the Bahamas, playing with a wild assortment of power and hand tools.She has lived and worked there for 14 years, running small off grid private islands for Johnny Depp, Tyler Perry and other well-heeled island lovers. As a US Coast Guard 200 ton licensed captain, she has also run mega yachts from Maine to New Zealand. Before running a successful printing biz in life #1, she spent three years hitch hiking around the globe, winding up on the deck of a shrimp boat off the coast of Australia in the Torres Straits. That trip was financed by a job driving a tow truck repossessing cars. But this blog owes its origins to her Grandpa Joe, who put tools in her hands when she was just a little girl.


From:: High Carb Diet – An Ode to Mary

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