Many would argue that America’s newest drivers, from Millennial to Gen Xer, are ambiguous about their vehicles. However, driving itself is too addicting for America’s love affair with vehicles to fade. Like all affairs, the focus may change, but we not only love our current cars, we dream of our next and even covet our neighbor’s.

A simple glance at a new driver purchasing their first car will renew your faith in automotive lust. Stand amidst a parking lot full of classics and watch a 6 year old’s jaw drop when a built ’57 starts its engine. Watch a seasoned driver receive their first text or email from their vehicle. Better yet, spend a moment exploring the safety features that are available right now on new vehicles and wonder at the reality of autonomous driving. We have moved from fuel dumping carburetors to sleek and silent beasts pushing more torque from electric motors than we ever imagined. We are intrigued by the vast technology packed both under the hood and into the cabins of our beloved vehicles.

Classic vehicles continue to gain value and 2015 brought record new car sales to the industry. We spend money on what we love and economic indexes have always been the American way of gauging success. 2016 brings our aging love affair a new line up of ready to customize vehicles that feature increased performance, continually improving safety and vehicles that we can feel good and even green about.

The manufacturers have adapted both the vehicle and their marketing strategies to bolster the interest of all ages. They are responding to the aging baby boomers with dynamic drive train combinations that provide the performance we coveted as teens while salving our new found needs for fuel economy and preserving the planet. The sophisticated cabins are driver focused with infotainment systems stronger than any component tower we previously created in our homes.

Old or new, vehicles will always have a special place in our hearts. As Valentine’s day approaches remember that four wheeled “Love” sitting in your garage or driveway. A little tender loving care will go a long way in keeping her safe and dependable for miles and years to come. Be assured that the smiling service station attendants who topped off your fluids, aired your tires and checked your oil for years are alive and well at the neighborhood garage you have come to trust.
wishing you miles and miles of happy driving in the vehicle you love,

Lynn Beckwith

That Car Lady, KPRC 950am Houston and The Car Counselor Show

To find a smiling technician ready to help you service and maintain the vehicle that you love visit Beckwith’s Car Care or Freedom Automotive.


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