Fall Automotive Maintenance Service Special

Fall Complete Service Special – Now Just $399!

This Service Special can be customized for your vehicle!

Regularly $517

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Heater System Performance Check

Classic Oil Change

Full service oil change including semi-synthetic motor oil, quality oil filter, and lubrication.

Cooling System Service

As winter approaches this service will not only protect your engine from freezing should you travel to colder climates, but it is also protects your complete cooling system using BG Products to clean and conditioner to remove the old deposits. Your coolant is replaced through a dialysis style flush providing for a complete coolant replacement. Conditioners are used to treat the inside of the engine and condition the coolant with additional additives to control the pH of the coolant and extend its life. This treatment will reduce friction and help to prevent electrolysis.

Battery Service

Clean battery terminal ends, install anti-corrosion pads and inspect cables.

Check Charging System and Battery Test

Cooler mornings make it a more difficult for your engine to start up. Following a particularly hot summer it is a great idea to have your charging system and battery checked to help assure that your vehicle will start flawlessly throughout the winter months.

Should your vehicle need a new battery the installation labor including BG anti-corrosion pads is included.

New Air Filter for your engine

New Cabin Air Filter (if applicable)

Tire Rotation

Brake Inspection

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