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Is your check engine light on? Beckwith’s Car Care offers a Complimentary (Yes, that is right! Absolutely Free) Check Engine Light Code Scan Service. Our professional staff will retrieve the codes from your vehicle’s on-board computer and help you understand if there is additional testing or repairs necessary. We make your vehicle service convenient and simple.
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Is your check engine light on?

Don’t worry – it rarely means a huge repair bill. Your check engine light will come on anytime there is a fault in the emissions system of your vehicle. Sometimes it is a simple as a loose gas cap!

Whether simple or complex you can count on the service professionals at Beckwith’s Car Care to treat you fairly and help you understand what is going on.

Beckwith’s makes understanding your check engine light easy! Just start with the complimentary code scan and then our service professionals will help you with any additional testing that needs to be done.
Why Should I Have The Codes Scanned?

By scanning the codes in your on-board computer system our professional service staff can help you with quick and accurate answers about what system is having problems. When the check engine light turns on a fault code is registered in your vehicle’s computer system. It points toward the system that is experiencing a problem. With the code information we can develop a plan to get you rolling down the road.

The Code Scan Service really is completely FREE and our diagnostic testing services start as low as $55.

Don’t Ignore the Problem

A simple code scan will help you make a good decision about the urgency of your vehicle’s problem and help plan the next step in keeping your vehicle safe and dependable.

When your check engine light comes on there is usually no reason to panic. Most lights come on and stay on or come on intermittently for moments or days at a time. Your vehicle will likely need a simple adjustment or a replacement part. However, when you drive for extended periods without addressing the problem your system may work so hard to compensate for the failed component that it causes other items to have problems.

Just schedule service at your earliest convenience.

A flashing check engine light is the exception – stop driving immediately if your light is flashing. If you need towing assistance just call us! 281.540.2000. We offer 24 hour a day/7 day a week towing.

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