If you have driven vehicles for decades how can you help but compare the way the steel in your car doors feels today compared to the behemoth models they drove as teenagers. Like most automotive technologies the steel industry has seen vast changes and improvements. My first exposure to The Steel Market Development Institute was this year at the Texas Auto Writers Truck Rodeo. The information they shared brought together decades of changes and provided insight into the motivation and engineering that has improved the structure of the vehicles we drive today.

Steel is one of the oldest materials used in the production of automobiles, but advanced engineering has created more than 200 grades of steel that perform differently for a myriad of needs in the vehicle manufacturing industry. Strength, safety and even the ability to repair frame and body components after damage are all considered in this complex production process.

Listen to Dr. Jody Hall with the Steel Market Development Institute as she discusses just a few of the features and technologies that come to play in vehicles today on The Auto MOJO Radio Show. Here is a clip from her live radio broadcast.

Sustainability: Advanced High Strength Steel produces lower CO2 emissions and is completely recyclable.

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