Tune Ups and Maintenance

Engine Tune Up

Vehicles have changed drastically over the years and the traditional “tune-up” that was performed quite frequently has been replaced by sometimes confusing maintenance schedules. Items like your spark plugs last longer than ever, and performing flush services on the fluids in your vehicle can help provide you with hundreds of thousands of miles of safe and dependable driving. Every vehicle is different and a personalized maintenance plan will help you maximize the life span of your vehicle.

We believe that a “Tune-Up” on your vehicle varies depending on the type of vehicle you have, the way you drive it, your budget and your plans for the vehicle. Our ASE certified technicians perform a complimentary maintenance review of your vehicle. We will review the manufacturer’s recommendations and check your vehicle over from bumper to bumper. They are experts in determining what your vehicle needs the most and what you should consider doing to keep it in top shape. You will never be pressured to perform any maintenance or repairs. We simply present you with a prioritized shopping list and let you pick and choose the services you would like us to perform.

Many of our maintenance services come with a Complimentary Lifetime Protection Plan.

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