Auto Air Conditioning Service

As the days get warmer, we all start to turn on our air conditioners, both at home and in our cars. Your auto’s air conditioning and heating system is frequently referred to as climate control. It is the system that keeps you comfortable inside the cabin of your vehicle. Sometimes it is confused with your vehicle’s engine cooling system, whose job it is to keep mechanical components such as your engine cool. Let’s talk about your climate control system and keeping you cool today.

Over the years your vehicle’s air conditioning system has been downsized and holds less refrigerant, that’s what we used to call Freon.

These systems have always leaked a little, usually an ounce or two a year. When they held several pounds it was not such a big deal, but now-a-days with systems holding less than a pound – loosing two to 4 ounces could leave your system 25% low.

This has a big effect on efficiency and how comfortable you are driving this summer.

Spring is a great time to service your vehicle’s Air Conditioning System.

Auto Air Conditioning Service

JUST $39.95 plus any extra refrigerant if needed.

Our certified technicians will start by evacuating the refrigerant in your vehicle’s climate control (air conditioning) system.
We weigh the refrigerant that is removed and then pressure test the system for leaks.
Your “old” refrigerant is filtered and reused.
We add enough new refrigerant to recharge your system to it’s factory specifications.
You only pay for the extra refrigerant.
This allows your vehicle’s system to operate at maximum efficiency.

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