Corrosion on the posts of your battery will rob it of efficiency. Corrosion inhibits the flow of electrical energy from the generator to the volunteer. This will wear the battery down prematurely. Ask our service representatives about our BG battery service. We will clean your posts with a special battery cleaner designed to dissolve the corrosion. Next, we will put a specially designed pad over the posts to prevent future corrosion build up. A sealant is then applied to keep out moisture and air that can also contribute to corrosion.

Over time corrosion accumulates on the battery posts and terminals to the degree that this build-up begins to drain power from the battery. That’s one of the reasons battery failure is the #1 culprit for calls made requesting roadside assistanceSolution:
A battery cleaner and leak detector is applied after a thorough cleaning and inspection. Anti-corrosion BG Battery Terminal Protectors are installed and the battery posts, terminals and case are sealed.
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